Con: Going to far?



The use of Pepper spray on student protestors at UC Davis

was unacceptable behavior from police officers on campus.

I personally am against the protests popping up all around

the country. However, I am not against the right for people to do so, I only

wish those who do have a clearer idea of what can be done to accomplish what

they want.

The actions taken by police officers at UC Davis was

unnecessary and clearly the wrong choice.

UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi issues a statement

announcing that the students were unlawfully congregating on the “quad” area.

The statement informed students that they were to take down their tents and

leave by 3p.m.

The students, however, did not leave. In fact they grew in

numbers using the Chancellor’s statement to help recruit people to their cause.

When the campus police arrived students were sitting with their arms locked refusing to leave.

The police decided to open fire with Pepper spray on the

peaceful protestors.

This action was awful.

Though the protestorswere breaking the law they were not offering violence. The police should have

just started carting them off to jail one at a time. It may have taken longer

but it would have been civil.

To bring violence against peaceful protestors is never the

answer. The police not only could have turned the scene violent with their own

action but they brought more attention to the protestors.

This can only make their jobs more difficult. Not to mention

the fact that it’s unethical for those of the police force, a group that is

meant to protect us, to bring violence against those who are not offering

violence themselves.

I do believe that these protestors are actually doing anything more than getting high and camping in the streets but that doesn’t

mean they deserve to be treating inhumanly.

There were so many other ways the police could have handled

this situation without violence. For instance they could have turned on the

sprinklers and just soaked them out.

Instead these men and women who are supposed to protect

people knowingly and intentionally brought violence of a sort to a peaceful


This action has now blurred the lines of perception

surrounding the incident. It is no longer a matter of whether the protestors

had a point or if there were breaking any laws now the only issue is that these

officers abused their power.


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