Should the lottery system be open to all?

At the start of every semester the hardest and most stressful part is trying to add classes. Students who haven’t been able to enroll in a class come to campus over an hour early scrambling and panicking while looking for available classes only to find a class but praying that theres a seat still open so that so that the professor can give add codes.

If this is what most students face when trying to add a class is it fair when some students who are also trying to add arrive to the class when its almost over, meanwhile you attended the same class, trying to add as well only for the student who barely showed up to be given an add code and not you.? This is case for many of Pierce students so the question is, should there be a rule that prohibits the students who show up late a chance to add the class.? My answer is absolutely.

Being in College requires preparation, dedication and time management, if thats the case why should the people that didn’t arrive on time be given the same opportunity to add a class as the students that did.? Yes I understand that things happen, but adding classes should be on first come first serve basis. Besides its not like the students who arrived early in hopes of crashing the class, still automatically gets the class. Most times students have participate in a lottery just to have a chance.

“I’ve tried the crashing classes thing and seen students who show up late to add a class win the lottery and add, while I was there very early and i didn’t win, so its not fair,” said Biology major Christian Gaddi.

Even with the lottery system its not like it gives most of the students a chance to add the class. Most times theres only very few spots available which makes the chances even harder for students to add the class. Therefore we should commend the students who where able to enroll in classes before the start of the semester, and give the students who arrive early in order to crash a chance at adding.

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