There should be a rule concerning adding classes

Should there be a rule that will prevent students who come in late the first day of class from crashing and adding the class.

Yes there should be a rule that will prevent students that come late the first day of class from crashing and adding classes.

If a student knows that adding a class is their only option to getting that class then they should be on time for that class.

Students that do come to class early and on time should get preference over those that come late.

Classes are getting more difficult to achieve with all the budget cuts in education. It is always good to plan ahead for your scheduled classes.

Sometimes there are up to fifty students trying to add a class. To prevent mayhem, avoid controversy and possible intimidation there needs to be a set rule in place.

The situation of adding classes cannot be chaotic but must be peaceful and organized with everyone knowing the rules.

The way it works in some classes now is when the class is full and someone drops out then a space is made available for another student. There is then a lottery and names are drawn to pick that lucky person.

Unfortunately students that come late have the same chance at winning the lottery as those that come early or on time, it is not fair.

Those students that come on time should sign a list to petition for the class and it should be on a first come first serve basis.

Students drop classes and take a space that another student could have.

If a student is set on getting their class then they should show some initiative and get there early.

This will help stop favoritism and be fair to everyone.

The rule should be published in the schedule of class’s book and online at the Pierce College web site that comes out every semester.

Teachers need to take the initiative to have the process of adding classes and creating a list so there is no question of the procedure.

More students should be allowed to add knowing that a certain percentage will drop out.






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