Sheriffs: Parking Tips

As each semester begins parking on campus is a migraine-creating ordeal. Since there are no parking passes required and so many students trying to add into classes parking is scarce.

“Be patient and arrive early,” said Sheriff’s Deputy Ron Nohles. “Also park somewhere other than Lot 1.”

Parking Lot 1 is located near the Sheriff’s Station near the Winnetka entrance to the school.

The campus shuttle is running and can offer rides from Parking Lots 8, 6, and 1 to help students get to classes on time.

There also is street parking on Victory Boulevard and Winnetka Avenue, however street parking is not monitored as much by the campus sheriffs since it is technically the Los Angeles Police Department’s Jurisdiction.

“For as much traffic as there is surpassingly there are not a lot of accidents,” said Nohles.

There is an increase in petty theft reports.

“Keep a hand on your backpack,” said Nohles “Don’t leave belongings unattended even in classrooms.”

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