CSUN Management Association expands to Pierce

The Management Association of California State University, Northridge (MACSUN) gave a presentation in the Counseling Center Thursday about its upcoming workshops aimed at helping students improve their management skills.


President Stefan Kee and Vice President of Development Lernik Moses led the MACSUN event.


They explained that MACSUN is a club that gives various workshops, each focusing on a different management skill, such as public speaking or resume building, and is open to all majors.


“Everyone needs to know how to manage themselves, their time and their money,” Kee said.


High profile professionals are invited to speak, give advice and have one-on-one time with students at the workshops. Students have opportunities to ask questions and network with these successful individuals they wouldn’t otherwise have.


Also, students participate in activities such as mock interviews or advertising exercises.


Moses stressed the need for all students to “improve all leadership competencies you’ll need to have.”


She added that MACSUN gives students the necessary tools to manage their personal and work lives.


Pierce students Josue Serrano and Jose Ayala, who attended the event, felt that it was very helpful to them.


“I think it was very informative,” said Serrano. “It’s great that they’re expanding to community colleges and networking here.”


Kee said it would be a good idea to join MACSUN while at Pierce so students could get ahead as members even before transferring to CSUN.


“I’m going to CSUN soon, why not?” Ayala said.


Kee also pointed out that MACSUN is allowed first look at the internships that CSUN gets and gives their members first access to the best ones. He said being a member is an excellent way to get internships and job opportunities after graduation.


The workshops will take place Tuesdays from 4 to 6 p.m. in Juniper Hall at CSUN.


More information such as specific dates and workshop topics can be found at macsun.org.


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