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Can we make college campuses safe again?

A series of school shootings during the last decade has lead many Americans to believe that school campuses are no longer safe.


They’ve become a high-profile target.


During the last decade, more than 50 school shootings have been recorded, according to Information Please.


The number will only continue to increase until our nation’s schools adopt security-related policies and procedures.


Our nation’s schools can only hold themselves to blame for the school massacres that occur. The school administration lacks involvement and attention to their students safety regardless of school massacres that have already occurred.


Here at Pierce, we can find the blue emergency towers located in various parts of the campus. However, many of them seem to be out of order or not working properly at all. Our campus could be at high risk.


How can something that was once designed and placed on campus in order to keep us safe do the exact opposite?


Students are left unsafe and ultimately in fear for their lives on campus because of a lack in school safety.


The biggest mistake school’s can make is lack of prioritizing for what is best for the school and the safety of its students. Fixing the blue emergency towers, door locks, and minor repairs around campus can prevent a school massacre.


School administration should be more aware of the improvements that can be made around campus or immediate minor repairs to prevent the worst from happening. School massacres can be avoided with proper attention and communication. Listen to those who suffer.


The most recent school massacre at a high school in Ohio left three students fatally wounded after a 17-year-old open fired in the cafeteria. The 17-year-old felt forgotten by an ex-girlfriend, and that motivated him to kill.


The Ohio massacre could have been avoided if a better discipline against violence was enforced by the school’s administration and the discipline for other students who witness violence or hear life-threatening-related threats. A lack of involvement can result in something deadly.


If school administration paid more attention to the safety of its students rather than focusing on other unrelated issues school campuses could ultimately become safer for its students and give back their security that was once lost.


Educating students about proper procedures on what to do during a school shooting, and giving them tools and resources to feel safe again can give them a better sensibility and security for themselves.


School administration could provide their students with a better communication system in order to resolve the issues that affect school safety.


Installing cameras in high traffic areas or inside buildings and along the mall can provide students with a better feeling of security to know that school administration cares about the safety of students while on campus.


More involvement from school administration and attention to students’ safety resources can prevent any future harm to students, faculty and the community.


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