Farm ‘not in danger,’ college VP says

While the head of the Agriculture Department is concerned that lack of funding would hurt the Pierce College Farm, the Pierce College administration says that a shutdown of the farm will not come to pass.


“It is not even something that’s being considered,” Vice President of Academic Affairs Anna Davies said.


All of the departments are worried about funding due to the budget cuts, according to Davies.


“Our art professors are worried that we don’t have enough art supplies,” Davies said. “Our Chemistry Department is worried about not having enough chemicals to conduct experiments, and Dr. Shapiro is worried we won’t have enough money to feed the animals.”


The pre-vet program will still be a part of the college’s educational programs, Davies said.


The administration is currently trying to gain a better understanding of how much it costs to raise the animals and how much is earned by selling the baby animals.


“If the farm is not generating revenue, we’d have to understand how much of it we can do, and try to sustain the program,” she said.

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