Pierce students excited about Coachella

All across Pierce College, students are eager to attend Coachella, a music and arts festival annually held in Indio, Calif. at the Indio California Empire Polo Club.


“I’m excited for all of it,” said Ryan Morris, 18, a political science major, who plans on attending.


Daniel Bolves, 18, a history major at Pierce, is equally thrilled to be attending the event.


“It’s so fun,” Bolves said.


This year, Coachella will be held during the weekends of April 13 to 15 and April 20 to 22.


According to the festival’s lineup provided on their website, concert goers can expect to hear artists such as The Black Keys, Radiohead, and Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre perform.


“I’m┬ámost excited for the classic Radiohead,” Bolves said.


Radiohead performs on both Saturdays, April 14 and 21.


Nevertheless, not every band that will be on stage thrills the students who plan to attend.

“There’s so much ‘dubstep’ at Coachella. It’s ridiculous,” Bolves says, “I can’t even name a DJ.”


Morris, on the other hand, most dreads “some of the rage bands.”


Students like Mac Bensinger, 18, and Jeremy Jayasinghe, 18, won’t be able to attend the festival at all.


“It’s too expensive,” Bensinger, a history major, said.


According to Bensinger, he would want to go to watch the rap artists perform, specifically Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre, who perform on both Sunday April 15 and 22.


“I forgot who was playing,” Jayasinghe said. “But I would love to camp out with my friends and enjoy some music.”


Although not all students can attend the festival, the excitement still persists throughout campus. Even students who cannot be present still understand why people go crazy for Coachella.


“I think everyone likes the festival because most of the people playing are what’s hip,” Jayasinghe said. “And even some of the bands who are not as well known get to play, and that’s totally awesome.”

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