ASO vice presidency candidates voice their political platforms

These statements from ASO vice presidential candidates were transcribed from an ASO flier verbatim.


Student Government Board Elections

April 16 & 17 Mon & Tues

9 am- 2pm, 4-7 pm

Pierce College Mall


Candidates for ASO Vice President


Fernando Aquino

We are entering a time of educational troubles. We need a leader with honor, courage, and commitment. I have been an ASO Senator for a year-and-half, Student Rights chair for one semester, and ASO Treasurer this current year. As Vice President I will get academic departments involved by having their students represent them. Through this, ASO can help academic departments that affect students, but are having trouble at the moment. Also, in my term ASO Senators will become politically involved with issues surround higher education. Remember, a vote for me is a vote for you.


Patty Sanchez

My name is Patty Sanchez and I’m here to make a difference if elected for VP. I will use my leadership skills to bring a balance amongst the Senate and motivate them to express their voices. We will voice the opinions of the students and share them in the meetings that influence the future education of Pierce. During these difficult times in which our education is diminishing, strong people are essential to stand up for our rights and I’m one of them. As current VP of ASO, I’m accustomed to its responsibilities and ready to lead Pierce into a rightful path.


Kevin Sparks

As Vice President, I will create a bigger and stronger community in order to fight budget cuts effectively. I will do this by mobilizing a large community, making our protests a lot stronger, push to meet with government officials in order to show the seriousness of the situation. Self sufficiency will be increased to limit the impact of any potential budget cuts.

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