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New ASO treasurer for fiscal change

The coming fall semester brings new changes to Pierce, as well as to Kanny Morgan, who’ll be stepping in as the new Associated Students Organization (ASO) treasurer.


After running unopposed with 454 students voting in favor and 42 students voting against her, Morgan feels confident that she’ll have no trouble fulfilling the duties of her new position.


“I know a lot about my duties, and [I’ve already been] involved in them,” she said.


She attributes her familiarity with the duties of treasurer to her friendship with Fernando Aquino, the current ASO treasurer.


“I wasn’t too worried about the duties I’d have to have,” she said. “It was just making it official by winning, I guess.”


Her confidence is backed up by her resolve to use her position to manage ASO’s funds responsibly.


“I want to spend our money wisely, and with the budget cuts the ASO is receiving less money because there’s less students attending,” Morgan said.


One challenge she’ll be facing next semester is cutting $18,000 from the budget, she said. One way she plans on tackling this problem is by curbing wasteful spending.


“We’re just throwing money around that we don’t have,” she said.


As part of her position, she’ll oversee that clubs on campus spend the money they’ve been given properly. She plans on making sure that the majority of the money allocated goes to events that affect the most students, she said.


Her colleagues at the ASO are hopeful that she’ll do a great job.


“I know she’ll do a good job. She’s a good student as it is,” said Calvin Montano, an ASO senator.


And as for what they’d like to her accomplish while in office, they hope that she lives up to her promises of fiscal responsibility.


“With the current budget crisis I hope she allocates the money wisely,” said EJ Tormes, the current Club Council president.


Morgan joined the ASO a year ago, and previously served as an ASO senator. She became involved in the ASO, she said, because she had many friends already involved in it.


She’s majoring in business and plans on going into advertising or marketing or starting her own business. She hopes serving as treasurer would look on her transcript, she said, but added that she ran for treasurer primarily because of her commitment to the ASO.


“I’m also dedicated to the ASO, and I care about where money goes and where we spend it,” she said.

Kevin Perez
Fall 2012

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