Sheriff’s blotter 5-8-12

Petty thefts: April 23 – Two petty thefts involving catalytic converters, one from a car in Parking Lot 7 and another from Parking Lot 8, were reported.
Petty theft: April 23 – A bicycle was stolen near the Industrial Technology building.


Verbal argument: April 24 – Occurred between a tennis player and his coach.


Graffiti:¬†April 24 – reported in the men’s restroom in the Mathematics building.


Verbal argument: April 24 – The argument was about a parking stall, and took place in Parking Lot 1.


Burglary: April 25 РAn overhead projector was stolen from BUS 3208.


Traffic Collision: April 30 – Occurred in Parkin Lot 7 at 11 a.m.


Arrest: May 2 – A male student from West Valley Occupational Center was arrested on the south side of Victory Boulevard, and jailed for outstanding warrants.

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