Roger Tishler: A man you can count on

A 28-year veteran instructor of mathematics is joining the growing list of those retiring at the end of this semester.


Instructor Roger Tishler, who has shared his love of mathematics with students for over a quarter century, has decided to throw in the towel.


“I feel I’ve done my fair share of teaching,” Tishler said.


He most enjoyed teaching students calculus but wasn’t above teaching classes in elementary algebra.


“I always enjoyed math,” Tishler said. “I liked to convey that joy to others.”


Tishler said that he enjoyed all his time here at Pierce College but his fondest memory was of the Farm breakfast that used to be hosted by the administration.


“The deans would serve all of the staff a delicious breakfast,” Tishler said. “It’s a shame they don’t do that anymore.”