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Vice president to retire


She vividly remembers Pierce College’s 50th anniversary celebration, to which 50 former students were invited to speak of their lives today.


That is one of the most powerful memories she has of her 24 years at Pierce.


“It’s just great to be reminded of how many people have been affected by Pierce in a positive way,” Joy McCaslin, vice president of Student Services, said.


She started working at Pierce as the coordinator of the Extended Opportunity Programs and Services, a program that assists qualified low-income and educationally challenged students in going to school.


Although she is deeply involved in her work, McCaslin is also a wife to Pierce professor James Dawson and a mother of two.


Dawson and her have decided to retire together. During their retirement, they plan to travel as much as they can.


“It’s time for me to retire,” she said. “I’m ready to move on to the next stage of my life.”


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