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Repeal of marijuana ban a head-scratcher

The Gourmet Green Room, (GGR) is a marijuana dispensary, on the corner of La Grange Avenue Cotner Avenue. It is a licensed facility and therefore was not really affected by the marijuana ban lifting. This facility also has a security guard posted out front, and assists many of the dispensary’s clients, at West Los Angeles, CA., Oct. 11, 2012. Photo: Lynn Levitt.

In recent years, Californians have debated whether to allow medical marijuana dispensaries to remain open or regulate the sales of these shops as there are many forms of marijuana
some come in the form of a vape cbd oil.

However, with the Los Angeles City Council voting 11-2 to remove its ban on medical marijuana dispensaries last Tuesday, they sent a clear message to Angelinos – regulation of marijuana sales is of no concern to council members. People are free to enjoy indica flower cannabis and other products freely.

The move to repeal leaves Los Angeles with no law regulating marijuana sales in approximately 1,000 pot shops within city limits, rescinding the ordinance to prevent the issue from being on the March ballot.

Although dispensaries can remain open without the fear of closure, they are still being targeted by authorities due to the attraction of crime. If you live in Canada and do not have a dispensary near you, purchasing product like gorilla glue strain online is an option too, if it is legal.

Under federal law, marijuana remains illegal.

However, supporters of medical marijuana argue the substance has several beneficial effects to patients, such as the relief of nausea symptoms and vomiting, as well as improve hunger in chemotherapy and AIDS patients.

Nonetheless, its effectiveness as a pain reliever has been doubted as clinical studies show its benefits exist but are limited.

As pot shops remain open, they run the risk of gaining profit at the cost of public safety in our communities with the sale of medical marijuana having no limits as those who look to manipulate the law for their own gain go unscathed.

The ban, voted by the City Council in July, would have removed storefront shops while allowing patients and caregivers to grow medical marijuana.

As a result, the ability to obtain a medical marijuana card is fairly simple for any individual.

The process itself is a mere doctor’s visit in which doctors provide patients prescriptions with a few questions asked.

Therefore, those who indulge in frequent marijuana use with medicinal cards can easily distribute such substances into streets.

Thus, council members must take action to regulate marijuana sales through law and uphold a ban on medical marijuana dispensaries.

Marijuana remains illegal under federal law for several reasons; therefore, laws must support such action.

Mario Cruz
Staff Fall 2012

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