Volleyball captain makes up small stature with big heart

Danielle Hochman poses for a photograph at Ken Stanley court in at Pierce College. Photo: Jasson Bautista

The captain and defense specialist of a championship volleyball team is acknowledged for her team work and dedication for the game.


Captain of the Pierce College volleyball team, Danielle Hochman, 20, was born in the San Fernando Valley, but has lived in Santa Clarita for most of her lifetime with her mother, father, and older brother.


Being raised in a Santa Clarita home, Hochman has had a blessed life with a tight knit family that has supported her in all her endeavors.


Growing up, Hochman traveled to many locations and usually spent quality time with her family but with her father working in the movie industry and her mother working at a middle school, nowadays her family is usually very busy. Hochman also finds herself constantly occupied with piles of homework from school when she isn’t at volleyball games and at practice.


Hochman went to West Ranch High School and started playing volleyball during her freshman year at a volleyball club.


“When I was playing there, the club was originally called SMBC and they later changed their name to Los Angeles Volleyball Academy,” said Hochman.


Nabil Mardini, coach of the Pierce College volleyball team, was director of the club at the time and recommended Hochman to join the college volleyball team at Pierce after seeing her potential and skill.


“She is a team player and good leader,” said Mardini. “She is one of my favorite players.”


Hochman’s mother, Mary Hochman is also very proud of her daughter and enjoys attending her volleyball games to support her.


“She really likes that I’m on the team and she is really supportive,” said Hochman. “She isn’t only my mother, but my best friend.”


Hochman also said that besides her parents being a great support system, another person that supports her completely and has changed her life with his empowering advice is Coach Mardini.


“The morals Coach Nabil teaches us for volleyball has changed my life completely because his advice applies to all different aspects, including my personal life,” said Hochman.


Hochman’s inspiration to play well and to be competitive comes from the energy her teammates put into the game.


“As the team captain, she always puts her teammates first,” said Mary Hochman. “We are very proud of her and her accomplishments”.


Hochman has been on the Pierce College volleyball team for two years and plans to continue to play after she has transferred to a four year division one college to join the volleyball team and obtain a kinesiology degree.


“My goal is to attend the University of Texas because its a hard school to get into and their volleyball team is crazy good,” said Hochman.


Hochman said that although the University of Texas doesn’t usually accept out of state students and has such a great team, that it will be a challenge to get into but that she will try her hardest to be accepted.


Besides volleyball, Hochman recently discovered that she enjoys acting as a hobby and also enjoys listening to country music, dancing, and singing on her free time.


Although it takes up most of her time, Hochman is proud to play volleyball for Pierce College and loves to be a part of the team.


“Being a part of a team is an experience that everyone should try,” said Hochman. “You just build such close relationships and that is the best part.”

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