Food trucks are the way to go

Pierce College food trucks on campus deliver high quality choices for students.

From delicious dishes like tacos, quesadillas, and pizza it is no mystery why students choose to eat on campus.

The Hot Sauce Food Truck provides excellent Mexican and American dishes like chicken quesadillas, beef tacos, and hamburgers.

The beef tacos were well done when ordered and the meat tastes hot and ready to go, topped with onion, cilantro, lettuce, green sauce, and red hot sauce. At $1.50 a taco, you can easily buy three and be full

The beef burrito is so big, you will get full with just one guaranteed.

Going for $4.50 and served in a big flour tortilla the burrito is stuffed with chunks of beef meat, lettuce, onions, spanish rice and hot sauce added to it. It also comes with nachos chips and beans on the side.

If you are used to American food, the basic hamburger with fries is awesome.

This dish has the lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, onion, meat on a bun. This dish goes for $4.75 and is well prepared, with each bite tasting like meaty heaven topped with ketchup.

The Hot Coffee Catering trunk provides dishes including nachos, turkey club, hot dogs, pastrami and tuna sandwiches.

The absolute best plate is the nacho supreme. Not only are they delicious, but is served in a great portion size, which is enough for two people to eat.

The food is so good you often find yourself waiting in line for a bit. Toppings include sour cream and guacamole with each burrito. For the price of $5, it can fit any college student’s budget.

The pizza truck on campus serves slices ready to go. The pizza was warm and the perfect temperature ready to eat. For just $2 dollars a slice you can easily fill your stomach.

The Pizza tastes delicious with warm cheese and marinara sauce. Add pepperoni to the mix and you got a perfect slice of pizza ready to hit your tummy. Smelling the fresh pepperoni makes me want to just buy a large slice of pizza.

If you are on the Pierce campus and are hungry, look no further than the food trucks offered on the premises. You will enjoy the foods and would want to come back looking for more.

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