Top 5 scenic areas on campus

We spend a good part of our days on campus, as students and faculty members. For a lot of us not only are we on campus most of the day, but we are also here a minimum of 2 days a week.

Sometimes during the hustle and bustle of our lives on campus we need some time to unwind, and we are in luck. Pierce College is home to many beautiful scenic areas where students and faculty can go for a pleasant serene moment during their days.

The college is filled with gorgeous scenery throughout the 426-acre campus, and after intense exploration of the campus we have narrowed down the Top 5 Most Scenic Areas for you to enjoy.

1. Pierce College Hills-Shepherd Stadium (Overlook)- These hills have a countryside feel, with an urban twist. At the top you get a view of beautiful rolling hills, live animals, and the vast San Fernando Valley. At sunset the scenery is especially stunning, since the city really lights up. This is a perfect place for people who are interested in quiet areas, nature, city views, getting away without being away, fresh air, and even getting a little exercise.

2. Botanical Garden– This prehistoric themed garden is surrounded by buildings 1100-1700. The garden features a trail that brings attention to many different types of plants that range from aloe, to cactus, to herbs. One of the best parts of the garden is that each plant has its scientific name and species, which is great for botanists, biologists, or just curious souls who like to learn new things. There are also benches throughout the garden where students and faculty can sit, meditate, or chat it up with friends.

3. Performing Arts & Music Department (Overlook)- If you are interested in 180-degree views of the San Fernando Valley as well as the entire Pierce College campus, beautiful hills, flowers, and getting a little exercise this is the right place to go. The journey to this beautiful area begins at the stairs next to the library and ends at the Performing Arts & Music Building. On the way up there are gorgeous shaded areas where anyone can sit and relax, but at the top of the stairs is where the real treat lies.

4. ­Rocky Young Park (Fountain)- This open field which features shaded areas, trees, and a gorgeous fountain is a perfect place for students and faculty members to chat, study, or even nap while listening to the serene sounds of the waterfall in the background. It is not the quietest area on our Top 5 List, but it is beautiful and great for anyone who needs a convenient place to relax, read, or people watch.

5. Botanical Garden (Turtle Pond)- This hidden gem is located amidst the botanical garden trails. The pond is quiet, quaint, and during some times of the year is home to turtles, fish, wild birds, and water lilies. Near the pond there is also a beautiful fountain with plenty of room for anyone to sit and enjoy quiet moments. This area is perfect for anyone who wants relief from the hustle and bustle on campus and wants to enjoy convenient serenity.