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Open Study Hall: Finally, somewhere to study

Pierce College’s second Open Study Hall began its second week in the Great Hall on Monday, providing space for students to study with tutors for midterms.

The two-day Open Study Hall event began 11 a.m. and ended 8 p.m. and included helpful studying workshops, 10-minute exercise breaks hosted throughout the event, and snacks.

Tables were spread out with students working on assignments and studying.

One of the students in attendance, civil engineering major Stephanie Morales, said she preferred the Open Study Hall to her usual setting.

“I usually go to the library,” Morales said. “At the library, you have to be quiet. Here, you can have study groups.”

Mayra Neri, a California State University, Northridge student and intern for Pierce’s Center for Academic Success helped coordinate the event and also took part as a Spanish tutor.

In conjunction with the Associated Students Organization (ASO) and honor society Alpha Gamma Sigma (AGS) at Pierce College, Neri started the first Open Study Hall in the fall 2012 semester as a part of Pierce’s Mentor-Mentee program.

“Because we started around that midterm time, that finals time, we had decided with faculty and the other administrators and other interns that this is a good opportunity to give to open up the Great Hall for students, have them come in and give them snacks, cookies, and coffee,” said Neri.

Open Study Hall served as an opportunity for students to not only ask questions about homework, but about college applications, transferring, and other available mentoring programs, too.

“It’s more than tutoring,” Neri said. “It’s having that professional guidance and help that students need.”

AGS president Afsatu Metzger recounted her experience with Open Study Hall that her club helped assemble as a positive experience for students.

“I stopped by at this year’s Open Study Hall. It’s good. From what I can see, people are there studying,” Metzger said.

Open Study Hall will start again in Great Hall during finals, from May 27th through the 30th from 2 to 8 p.m.

For more information on Open Study Hall and related events, visit “Pierce Mentor” on Facebook.

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