Pierce Faculty Guild Chapter meeting

Members of the Pierce Faculty Guild Chapter of the LACCD greeted the new interim Chancellor Adriana Barrera as the special guest in a question and answer session in The Great Hall at Pierce College on October 17.

Concerns were expressed on issues such as proper lighting over the walkway between the Botanical Garden and the Mall, new scholarships, electric car charging stations, and the general quality of the classrooms in the Village.

“I have had students sitting on the floor taking graded exams in my classroom because there just are not enough chairs, even though I have been requesting them for quite a while now,” said English professor Karen Burns.

Concerns about the Village such as the pile up of trash in and around the classrooms as a result of the lack of custodial workers, and the overall safety of the Village with not enough exits per bungalow were brought to the attention of the Chancellor in hopes of a solution being reached.