Dance showcase to feature more ‘personal’ pieces

The annual Pierce College Fall Dance Concert will feature around 15 different choreographed pieces that will attempt to bring the heat from Nov. 15 through 17.

Audience members can expect more personal performances this year, according to Denise Gibson, adjunct instructor of physical education.

“We’ve all sort of taken elements of our personality and made signature dances off it,” she said. “Each piece represents that person, and a lot of the pieces are a little personal.”

One of the dances being performed is “The Beautiful Dead,” a modern dance scene featuring five dancers. The music is composed by Robert Allaire, and the piece is choreographed by dance faculty member Natalie Metzger.

“I want the audience’s reaction to be gut-wrenching and breathtaking when watching the piece,” Metzger said, referring to her choreographing style.

The main role in “The Beautiful Dead” is taken on by 21-year-old Cassandra Godinez. She has an explosive and dramatic character that includes a two-minute solo performance filled with explosive movement and emotion.

“We’ve been training for the piece for the past eight weeks,” Godinez said. “The two-hour sessions and the one-on-one with Metzger really helped me to prepare for the role.”

Tickets for the Fall Dance Concert are now on sale. For inquiries, call (818) 610-6598.

“It usually sells out very quickly,” Gibson said.