16 performances scheduled for Fall Dance Concert

“Signatures,” the annual Fall Dance Concert scheduled for Nov. 15 through 17 in the Performing Arts Complex, will feature 16 dance pieces choreographed by students and faculty from Pierce College’s dance department.

This year’s showcase will feature performances that are on the more personal side, according to dance instructor Denise Gibson, who is the artistic director of the production, as well as a choreographer for a number of the pieces.

The concert will feature a variety of dance styles, including ballet, lyrical, modern and hip-hop.

Tickets are now on sale for $10 each. For reservations, call (818) 610-6598.

“It usually sells out very quickly,” Gibson said.


List of dance pieces (provided by Denise Gibson)


Choreography: Joelle Manga

Music: “Sexy Dance” by  Fally Ipupa feat. Krys

Dancers: Marie Bayo, Omid Haghnegahdar, Johnny Ceja, Marilyn Garcia, Joelle Manga, Jeremy Powell, Florabel Rubio, Drew Sterm


Choreography & performance: Noelle Andressen-Kale

Music score/composition: Kristopher Kale

“A Love Forever Known”

Choreography: Char’Donai’ Brooks

Music: “A Thousand Years” by Christina Perri feat. Steve Kazee

Dancers: Marie Bayo, Bryan Garcia, Cassandra Godirez, Sandy Luque, Brooklyn Merritt, William Jace Rain, Jessica Uthus, Gracia Camila Yturrizaga

“She is Both Subject and Object”

Music: “I’m Spiegel” by Arvo Part

Choreography: Bonnie Lavin

Dancer: Paula Salvador

“Let This Be My Last Battleground”

Choreography: Noelle Andressen-Kale

Music: “Rosewood” by Kristopher Kale

Dancers: Noelle Andressen-Kale, Sandy Luque, Amani Minter


Choreography: Denise Gibson & The Wonderland Team

Music: “Down” by Mambo 7

Dancers: Latin Dance Team “Salsa in Wonderland”:

Joel Alvarez, Johnny Ceja, Lynda Escalante, Bryan Garcia, Giselle Elias, Erika Figueroa, Camila Medel, Zafir Molina, Yesenia Perez, Sean Pinto, Gary Silveyra

“Under the Bridge”

Choreography: Denise Gibson & Dancers

Music: “Boadicea” by Enya

Dancers: Jeta Vlashi, Char’Donai’ Brooks, Cassandra Godirez, Sarah Hochstatter, Sandy Luque, Tyler Moore, Sydney Catran-Whitney

“The Distance”

Choreography: Philip Pham

Music: “Die in Your Arms” by Ariana Grande & “Hold on We’re Going Home” by Drake

Dancers: Kay Padilla Manalac, Philip Pham, Paula Salvador

“Vive Le Swing”

Choreography: Dennon Rawles

Music: Gabin Brassy Remix

Dancers: Alanelle Bagamaspad, Julio Alanya, Char’Donai Brooks, Joseph Carter, Giselle Elias, Lynda Escalante, Samantha Fairbairn, Bryan Garcia, Arianna Hall, Faisal Hossain, Rikkarria Jones, Sandy Luque, Ana Miranda, Brian Villafan, Busisiwe Yende

“An Odd Number of Women”

Choreography: Natalie Metzger

Music: “Augur” & “The Beautiful Dead” by Robert Allaire

Dancers: Marie Bayo, Morgan Corulli, Cassandra Godinez, Sarah Louise, Brooklyn Merritt, Samara Cibrian

“Makes Ya’ Wanna Holler”

Choreography: Bonnie Lavin-Hughes & Dancers

Music: “Strange Fruit” by Nina Simone and “Blood on the Leaves” by Kanye West, mixed by Tony Johnson

Dancers: Julio Alanya, Char’Donai’ Brooks, Sydney Catran-Whitney, Marlene Chavez, Giselle Elias, Bryan Garcia, Scott Kriloff, Magaly Lemus, Gabriela Lopez, Sandy Luque, Ana Miranda, Brooke Merritt, Yesenia Perez, Javier Ramirez, Vanessa Rivera, Sophia Willis, Brian Villafan

“The Cool”

Choreography: Paula Salvador

Music: “Kitty Kat” by Beyonce, “Electric Lady” by Janelle Monae & “Latch” by Disclosure feat. Sam Smith

Dancers: Paula Salvador

“9th Ward”

Choreography: Wendy Baity

Music: “Minority Report” by Jay-Z

Dancers: Marlene Chavez, Lisa Flory, Marilyn Garcia, Ryan Kuromiya, Maggie Lemus, Ian McCabe, Camila Mendel, Jeremy Powell

“La Clave Gitana”

Choreography: Denise Gibson & The Wonderland Team

Music: “El Ritmo de Juanito” by Sabor de Gracia

Dancers: Latin Dance Team “Salsa in Wonderland”:

Char’Donai’ Brooks, Bryan Garcia, Giselle Elias, Gary Silveyra


Choreography: Sandy Luque

Music: “My Immortal” by Lindsey Stirling

Dancers: Sandy Luque, Rudolph Secundino

“Swinging in the Rain”

Choreography: Denise Gibson & Dancers

Music: “Swinging in the Rain” Jive Aces

Dancers: Musical Theater Class: Julio Alanya, Emma Bock, CharDonai Brooks, Joe Carter, John Ceja, Sarah Elias, Lynda Escalante, Sammie Fairbairn, Sarah Hochstatter, Brooklyn Merritt, Tin Nguyen, Yesenia Perez, Brittany Walker, Sydney Catran-Whitney, Sally Wenqian, Sophia Willis

List courtesy of: Denise Gibson

*In order of performance