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Incident Report (Nov. 3-9)


11-3 – Trespassing – A group of 50 people were found on the Cross Country Track without a permit. The group was warned and advised they were trespassing.

11-4 – Injury – A Taft High School student got hurt diving into the shallow end of the pool and was transported to the hospital, according to Deputy Alfred Guerrero.

11-4 – Traffic accident – A traffic collision occurred with no known injuries on Victory Boulevard and Winnetka Avenue.

11-5 – Suspicious person – There was a transient walking through campus, they were warned and advised they were trespassing.

11-5 – Grand theft and arrest – Someone stole a student’s skateboard while they were in the bathroom stall in the Library/Learning Crossroads. The campus sheriffs found the suspect off campus riding down Winnetka Avenue and Gilmore Street on the stolen skateboard and was arrested.

11-5 – Ill student  – Student was feeling sick in Village 8100 and was picked up by a parent.

11-6 – Hit and run – Student reported his vehicle was hit while parked in Lot 7 with damage inflicted on the bumper. A witness left a note with the license plate number.

11-6 – Ill student – A student went to the Health Office because they felt ill and was transported by paramedics to the hospital.

11-7 – Injured student – A student was hurt during volleyball practice in the South Gym and was transported to the hospital by paramedic.

11-7 – Petty theft – Someone stole speakers from the Media Cart by the Academic Affairs building.

11-9 – Safety hazard – A water main broke in Lot 8.

11-9 – Trespassing – Paparazzi was hiding on campus by the soccer field trying to get pictures of Britney Spears and her kids while they were playing soccer.