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On-campus offender sentenced to 6 months in county jail


A parolee arrested on campus during an attempted classroom take-over in September was sentenced to 180 days in county jail on Nov. 12, according to public safety officials.

Branden Sileon Saighe, 28, was on probation from a previous conviction of two felony charges, according to Shiara Davila-Morales, a spokeswoman for the District Attorney Public Defender Media Relations Office.

“He got a deal,” Deputy Sheriff Al Guerrero said.  ‘That’s just the way it was worked out.”

“In the judicial system there’s a lot of compromise made to get the cases going through because there are so many of them, so I don’t know how that was worked out between lawyers,” Deputy Guerrero said.

In September, Saighe confronted students and a teacher during class and threatened to take-over the class with a weapon.

Following the arrest, Saighe missed multiple court dates and was arrested on October 19 on an unrelated charge in East Los Angeles.

In 2009, Saighe was convicted of forgery and identity theft of students at other colleges in the San Fernando Valley, according to Davila-Morales.

Saighe was the alleged ringleader of a scam that involved conning college students in to cashing forged checks in exchange for cash.

Once authorities discovered the scam, Saighe and three other people in connection with the case were arrested and Saighe was held on $1 million bail.

“You can’t raise a panic on a school,” Deputy Guerrero said.  “Anybody that gets time- that’s good with me.”