Officials host open forum on safety

In conjunction with an effort to improve security on campus, Pierce College’s senior sheriff’s deputy led an open forum discussion on safety with a handful of students on Monday, Nov. 18 on safety.

The meeting centered around how students should handle situations that might happen in classrooms and on campus.

“Security is not only up to me. It’s also up to you,” Sheriff’s Deputy Al Guerrrero said. “You cannot wait for the Sheriff’s Department to come help you if we’re not around.”

Guerrero said that though students’ priority should be education, it’s also their responsibility to worry about their safety.

One of the main points Guerrero talked about was to call the campus sheriff’s station if anything or anyone triggers suspicion.

“If I don’t know about it, I won’t be able to help you,” he said.

He also encourages students to call the station when they see something crime-related happening on campus, not 911. Calling 911 will result in dispatchers forwarding the call to crime organizations other than the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, which is in charge of safety on college campuses, according to Guerrero.

“Imagine being security coming here and not knowing the campus,” he said. “At home, 911 work. Here, it doesn’t work that well. It delays the response.”

Guerrero also stressed the importance of being patient when directing calls to the sheriff’s station.

“Let it ring. It will be answered,” he said.

Larry Kraus, associate vice president of Administrative Services, was also on hand to test the students’ knowledge on the right steps to follow in specific situations. He also informed students that the college is doing everything it can to improve on the school’s security measures.

“We have a comprehensive plan to integrate cameras and security on campus,” he said. “We should start to see it materialize in a year or 18 months.”

Business administration major Karen Carrillo, 18, didn’t think that she would be getting as much information as she did when she decided to attend the meeting.

“I thought it was going to be simple. There were a lot more benefits to coming here. Just knowing and refreshing yourself really helps,” she said.


When you see an intruder on campus, remember A.D.M.I.N.:

Assess the situation

Determine the intentions

Move out of the area

Inform the nearest coworker or student

Notify the Sheriff’s Department


To reach the Pierce College Sheriff’s Station: (818) 719-6450

For emergencies: (818) 710-4311