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Duo brings personality to performances


Harpist Jacqueline Marshall and guest flutist Eve Bañuelos displayed their musical prowess and diversity, performing to a full house during a free concert Thursday, Nov. 22.

Marshall and Bañuelos met each other in the University of California, Los Angeles Symphony Orchestra and have worked on a number of musical productions over the years, with Marshall performing in PBS specials, “America’s Got Talent,” and “Glee.”

Specializing in contemporary chamber and symphonic music, Bañuelos has also performed on- and off-screen, touring China with the Young People’s Symphony Orchestra and even guest performing on “Tosh.0.”

Both well-experienced with their specific instruments, Marshall and Bañuelos played a mixed program, performing a variation of a work by Frederic Chopin, the Irish traditional composition “Danny Boy,” and an excerpt from the play “Carmen.”

Composed by Gioachino Rossini, his variation of a theme by Frederic Chopin could be considered as what is called in today’s music a remix. Rossini’s influence is heard in the piece when longer notes are broken up and shortened to accentuate the normally calming flow of the song.

The Irish classic “Danny Boy” was recognizable by most of the listeners and played in its entirety. The composition is heavily influenced by the harp, one of the most prominent instruments in the history of Ireland.

“Carmen,” a story of love and jealousy between a soldier and a gypsy, includes a mixture of gloomy and mysterious melodies.

The two also performed a classical tambourine and a contemporary piece to show how their instruments’ sound and styles have changed through the last few centuries.

Contemporary music often refers to a modern style of music, implementing newer and farfetched techniques.

For Marshall, this even meant kicking and knocking on the wooden part of her harp to add auxiliary effects. Bañuelos included tactics such as saying a word while blowing into her flute, or modulating sounds from her throat to expand her tone’s range.

There will be no concert next week due to Thanksgiving, with the last free Thursday concert event taking place on Dec. 5.