Pros and Cons: Farm Walk Competition With Vintage Market Could be blessing in disguise

The Pierce College Farm Walk is facing some surprising disadvantages this year, as the Vintage Market is planned to set up on the same day. But this could come as a stroke of luck, helping the program out this year and in years to come.

Last year’s Farm Walk event turned out record numbers of attendees, generating thousands of dollars of extra revenue for the program. This year, with another event taking place right alongside, those numbers could continue to go up.

The Vintage Market garners between 2,500 and 3,500 people each month coming to their 180 plus booths for their wares, according to Lori Rotblatt, one of the owners of the market. These are people who may have been unaware of the Farm Walk, or would have chosen to attend the Market instead, had the events been at different locations.

Now, with both happening in the same place at the same time, people won’t have to choose. Additionally, the Market might generate some added publicity for the agricultural event, drawing in new crowds.

Finding somewhere to park will be a complicated issue since both the market and the Farm Walk tend to have a large turnout. Parking for each event will be hard to control and will likely fill up, spilling over and requiring a shuttle system to one or both events. There has already been increased planning and advertising, however, to keep this situation organized. Patrons should be able to find their way around, perhaps even stumbling on something new.

The additional planning that has already gone into this year’s Farm Walk will help for years to come. Many things will have to be changed, moved or reorganized in order for it to come off well and that is a good thing for a campus and its students to experience.

The new reordering that needs to take place will show Pierce students where they can improve on an already traditional event. The so-called competition will show both students and administrators new and perhaps better ways to hold the Farm Walk. Students who participate this year will find next year easier and will be better equipped to avoid any problems encountered in the future.

In addition, The Foundation for Pierce College is handling much of the communication between the two events since the Vintage Market raises funds for the school. Though the shuttle system and added security will cost a little more this year, both parties could find themselves making extra revenue, with the crossover in marketing and attendance.

The bottom line is that all the proceeds will make it to the school to keep Pierce’s programs running at their high standards and student experiences worthwhile and educational.