Plans being scrapped for a green technology building on campus

After years of ongoing construction on campus, the idea of assembling a green technology building has officially been taken off the to-do list.

The Master Plan for Pierce College is constantly being updated to keep students and faculty members aware of future construction, funding, partnerships and student success. The green tech building is still listed under the campus projects that are currently awaiting funding but faculty members feel that the funding for the project is no longer there.

“The school is not willing to spend money on the green technology building unless the school demands it,” said Leland Shapiro, director of the pre-veterinary science program and professor of animal science. “By the time they have enough money to fund a building, I don’t even think it would be toward the green tech.”

With the major budget cuts, there are not enough professors to teach all the science courses held on campus.

“We are not even offering 1/3 of plant sciences classes. I know that not having a green tech building is affecting more than one science department,” said Shapiro.

Not being able to construct the building is not only affecting the professors, but also the students. Even though professors are managing to teach in class, there is still work that students are not able to complete.

“The students and the professors are troopers. We still manage to teach our students in class,” said Assistant Professor of Physics Lee Loveridge. “Some students aren’t able to work on their lab all day because there isn’t enough space.”

The updated Master Plan says that the Pierce College committee wants to develop a stronger management oversight for the pre- and post-construction in hoping that a better team would create a better picture.

The green tech building was supposed to be located on the northeast side of campus and has been on the construction list since 2010. Other classrooms and facilities were also supposed to be restored over the next few years.

“I don’t think there will ever be a green tech building. Not anytime soon at least,” Loveridge said.