Farm Center holds Easter activities and plans for more

The Farm Center at Pierce College has opened and has activists for children, families and the community.

Robert McBroom and his wife Cathy McBroom run and operate the Farm Center, which is now open seven days a week, from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m., according the Robert.

The first event they held was an Easter Egg Hunt Saturday, Apr. 19 and Sunday, Apr. 20, 2014. In between egg hunts, participants enjoyed other activities such as pony rides, the animal farm, and painting an egg that participants can take home in handcrafted baskets.

“It was phenomenal and it exceeded any expectations we had,” said Robert.

Robert and Cathy initially wanted to have an event for Easter on the farm, but the farm  was not ideally situated until small grass fields had grown.

“With the way the grounds are set up, up until this last year, who wants to run granular ground? For me, I just see kids colliding and skinning knees. Grass is something more organic,” Robert said.

The events could bring more people onto the farm who could possibly buy fresh produce like strawberries and tomatoes.

“It’s just a fun environment that kids and families can enjoy,” Robert said.

In addition to the Easter Egg Hunt, the farm also has several other events throughout the year.

“We’re going to have weekly movie nights that are free to the community,” Robert said.

Robert did not know the exact movies that will play each week, but he wants to play popular movies such “Frozen”, and classics such as “The Goonies”.

Cathy added that they have birthday parties, scavenger hunts, “The Pizza Farm” and “Adventures  in Argiculture”.

“The Pizza Farm is great because kids can see what it takes to make a pizza,” Cathy said.

The Pizza Farm is a round area, much like a pizza would be.

“We have corn planted for the oil, wheat for the flour, and a  cow for the milk to make cheese,” Cathy said.  “Sometimes we have onions planted, and pigs for beef. There are olive trees too.”

“Adventures in Agriculture” is another popular event on the farm.

Anyone who participates can learn how to mine gemstones feed animals like goats and sheep.

In the fall the farm has the Harvest Festival where participants can wander a corn made maze and enjoy food from vendors.

“The corn and the funnel cakes are two of our most popular vendors,” Cathy said. “You’ve got our food sources as well. There’s Italian, Mexican, barbecue…”

There’s also music and dancing at the Harvest Festival. Sometimes dance instructors come out and give lessons, and “family friendly” music bands come out to perform according to Cathy.

“If you don’t reach out, if you don’t listen to the community, you don’t get anywhere,” Robert said.

The Farm Center is open seven days a week and activities take place every weekend. The Farm also has birthday parties for kids and field trips for public and private schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District ( LAUSD).

Anyone who is interest in booking the events can contact Cathy or or Robert McBroom at the Farm Center at 818-999-6300 ext. 22.