International students given guidance and aid through a club’s work

The Chelsea Lately Show, Six Flags Magic Mountain, hiking to the Hollywood Sign, and going to the movies are just a few things that the International Students Club plans to do.

The club likes to plan different events throughout the semester so club members can get a taste of what Los Angeles has to offer.

“They are one of the more active clubs on campus,” said Curtis Smith, adviser of the Associated Student Organization (ASO).

The International Student Club is an active club on campus that aims to promote diversity and create lifelong friendships with students of different countries, according to the ASO webpage.

The club meets in the business building in room 3201 on Thursdays at 1:00 p.m.

“Anyone can join the International Students Club,” said Abby Sandico, director of the International Student Program and adviser to the club. “The club was started to assist international students and get them acclimated into a diverse community.”

“We all get along despite having different backgrounds,” 21-year-old Kariann Coe said. “We still talk to former members of the club, which is cool.”

This close-knit group of students may have found it easier to adjust to their new life with the club, which acts as an extension of the International Student Program, according to Sandico.

“It may be harder for those who come from different countries,” Sandico said. “Many of them are here by themselves and do not have family members here.”

Some travel from as far as the Middle East for an education, which is what 29 year old Abdullah Alawaja did. He is the current vice president of the International Students Club, and moved here to Los Angeles three years ago.

Now Alwaja is a film major and vice president of the International Students Club.

The International Students Club has a wide range of events throughout the semester. Some events they are involved in, such as Diversity Day, are open to all students who wish to attend.

Alwaja also showed a video clip about Saudi Arabia. The video showed tall buildings decorated with mosaic tiles, which turned out to be mosques.

Men were praying inside them and reading scripture from the Quran, the sacred scripture of those who practice Islam.

Every summer, Alwaja returns to visit his family in Saudi-Arabia.

“If you’re not an international student, it’s okay. Just join,” 21-year-old Sabrina Walangare said.