Pierce Football Team’s lockers get sacked

Pierce College’s football team had items stolen from their locker rooms at the field house Wednesday night between 5-7 p.m. according to campus sheriff’s officials.

20-year-old Pierce student Alejandro Corona, linebacker for the Brahmas, voiced his disgust after items such as cellphones and wallets were taken last night.

“It’s missed up,” Corona said. “This is something that we shouldn’t have to be thinking about as we are about to start the season. They even took the locks for the doors.”

Pierce College deputy Al Guerrero says the locker rooms were open while practice was in session and that someone broke into several lockers.

“We are unsure at this time how many items were taken,” Guerrero said. “We are still working on a full report and victims are still letting us know what was taken.”

This is the second year in a row that that items were stolen from Pierce College football locker rooms. Last year when Pierce College was playing West L.A. College, the visiting locker room was ransacked as reported by the Roundup on Oct. 6 2013.

Theft at John Shepard Stadium

With this incident being the second of its kind in two years at Pierce College, Guerrero says there will be more of a security presence at the football field but said the school must tell the sheriff’s what precautions to take for this incident to not be a recurrence.

“The sheriff’s department is doing what it can to patrol the area,” Guerrero said. “The school has to let us know what extra measures they would like to have.”

No arrests have been made and witnesses are asked to contact campus police at (818) 719-6154.