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New student success plan passed by Academic Senate


The  Academic Senate unanimously voted for a new student success plan and low enrollment during its first meeting of the Fall 2014 semester on Monday, Sept. 8.

The New Student Success and Support Program Plan

The new plan outlined today, which is a part of the 2012 State Senate Bill 1456, was presented to the board by the new Dean of Education Kalynda Webber McLean.This is an act that began the  implementation of a Student Success and Support Program (SSSP) Plan for matriculation.

The newly named bill is a combination of the Student Support Initiative, The BOG Fee Waiver and the Student Support Task Force.

The goal is to outline and provide resources and funding for matriculation services such as; advisement, assessment, counseling, development of educational plans and orientation.

The SSSP plan was passed by a unanimous vote.

Fall enrollment on a decline at LA Pierce College

Before the Fall semester started the campus enrollment was at a rate of 3 percent and it is now down to 1 percent, according to the President of Pierce College Kathleen Burke. This year the enrollment goal is 4.75 percent.

“This is a typical pattern at this point in the year,” Burke said.

Burke also said that this is due to students who may have dropped classes and/or have not yet processed their adds.

Senate budget is also spent on travel?

Senate Treasurer Joe Perret reported that most of their funds are being used in preparation of two main events, the student brunch and the faculty gala.

Perret explained that these dues also pay for the senate’s statewide travel expenses for trainings, meetings and conferences.

The senate’s professional growth funds only support a fraction of the travel costs, and with only 25 percent  of the faculty actually paying these dues, Treasurer Perret is recommending an increase in the budget.

“Most campuses do support. Our campus doesn’t,”  said Academic Senate President Kathy Oborn.

Due to union budget reformation, a new committee has been created to monitor the professional growth funds. This will be the second year that these travel expenses will be paid for out of the senate budget.