Animal Science, Medicine, and Events bring students together

A red banner displayed across the board reading “Pierce College Veterinary Science Program” in bold white letters, greets a cluster of laughing, mingling students as they enter the lecture hall at the Center For Sciences (CFS) building Tuesdays at 5:30 p.m.

From visiting universities, attending field trips, to going on “behind the scene” tours at local zoos, the Pre-Vet Club unites students who are interested in animals and medicine to help them strive for the ultimate goal of becoming a veterinarian.

Pre-Vet students aren’t only getting a glimpse of fun events off campus, but the club itself brings the members together in a way that makes each of the members feel like they are part of a small, close knit community.

“The first time I was in it, I was a little bit quiet,” said ASO Representative, Rachel Hubert. “But now I’m a little more active.”

After being in the club for a year and a half, Hubert has earned her spot in representing the club in the bigger counsel meetings.

“I go to the ASO meetings every Monday and then we just gather info,” Hubert said. “We’re in the loop for the school with all of the events and fundraisers.”

The Pre-Vet club has gone to Western University of Health Sciences, elephant sanctuaries in Perris, Calif., and has toured other colleges’ animal science departments. Each visit has made the club members more confident in being a part of an active program.

The program has shown their dedication during many moments in past semesters. Students on campus who are not in any clubs also have noticed the Pre-Vet Club’s success and their drive.

The club recently contributed to The Walking Shield program, which donates to less-fortunate Native Americans. That action alone circulated the campus and even enlightened a student who’s not involved with the club.

“It’s really great how a small community has that much passion in what they do,” Science major, Ben Siemers, 24, said. “It shows how dedicated they are.”

The club also has different speakers from other universities, who were pre-vet students, that come to the meetings and educate the members on a more personal level.

“What’s really great is how they encourage people to be a part of the club,” said Vice President Adam Cook. “They really believe in the success of Pierce College students.”

Not only do members of the club seek help from other experienced veterinarians, but they even help each other with their studies.

“We have tutoring sessions and it’s all volunteer based,” Cook said. “Tutoring counts as club hours, which allows a member to be a part of our field trips.”

Chemistry, English, and even Human Psychology are all possible subjects that the Pre-Vet Club encourages students to also succeed in.

Hubert emphasized the fact that each club event helps bring them together. Those who were new to the club at first, were welcomed by each member respectively and energetically.

“Everyone is just very friendly and the club encourages everyone to be active,” Hubert said. “We have icebreakers during the meetings and leaders usually recognize new faces and make sure they’re introduced to the club.”

Warm welcomes and smiles, gives the club more of inspiration to strive to go through the difficult process of becoming a veterinarian.

“It’s the struggle that keeps us close,” said Cook. “No matter where we go, it’s a bond that’s never broken.”