Transgender 101 panel at the Great Hall

The Pierce College Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) Club will host a Transgender Panel on Thursday, Nov. 13, at the Great Hall to create awareness, education and support to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community.

The panel will have four speakers who will talk about the transgender community and issues that transgender people face.

“I hope it acknowledges that there are people out there who are transgender,” Cameron Brenner, vice president of the GSA said. “And it informs the public of these people that deserve to be treated equal as well.”

The guest panelists are young adults within the transgender community that want to make Pierce College aware, and educate them on LGBT issues.

“I’m hoping it enlightens those who are unaware of the whole community or have prejudice or just curiosity in a positive way, enlightens or informs those who are wondering about it or have questions,” GSA president Jose Moran said.

Moran said the club would like to reach out to everyone including faculty, staff and students.

“We’d like to see support from staff and students,” Moran said.  “Its purpose is education, awareness and just more understanding.”

Members of the GSA club hope it impacts the Pierce community and expands the its knowledge.

“Becoming more aware of the people that are around them can help them to create habits that are more opening and welcoming to people,” Rene Paredes, GSA club member, said. “Even people who won’t go to the event, they might know someone that will go or just look into the transgender topic, or the topic as a whole, and will help them or encourage them to learn more about it.”

The GSA club hopes to override the invisibility within the transgender community.

“I hope it has an impact, and I hope that it will make people more aware, more proactive in the prevention of bullying or exclusion of people just because of a difference that is skin deep at best,” Brenner said.

The GSA club looks forward to the event.

“It will be a great event, and I hope that people will absorb what we face on an everyday basis, and take it with them and apply it to their community and teach other people that its not right to judge other because of their likes or dislikes,” Moran said.

The Transgender 101 panel is on Thursday, Nov. 13, at the Great Hall from 2 – 5p.m.