Volleyball makes the playoffs



The Pierce College women’s volleyball team dominated the last game of the season, defeating Moorpark College in four sets at Pierce College on Wednesday, Nov. 19.

The Brahmas won 3-1, (25-21, 20-25, 25-20, 25-20) proving their control of the game through consistent kills and deliberate focus.

The Brahmas led with 2 points 1:15 minutes into the game.

The Raiders were receiving constant attacks as sophomore setter Amber Kelly set the ball in preparation for outside hitter and team captain Jessica Martinez to make two kills in a row.

“I’m relieved because I know we wanted to come in and be more prepared since this was our last chance for playoffs,” Martinez said. “It just proved to us how much we wanted it and to just go for it the way we did in this game.”

The Brahmas then received an overlap violation, which made the Raiders amp up their momentum and take advantage of the opportunity.

The Raiders were gaining points with strong serves and spikes causing the ball to touch the ground on Pierce’s side.

The crowd was stomping their feet and cheering loud enough for the walls to rumble, while the energy of both teams increased.

The deliberate defense on each side earned a tie of 13-13 towards the middle of the second set.

This led the Raiders to call a tie, allowing the Brahmas to quickly strategize and motivate each other to keep the numbers on their side.

“I expect to win and we played [Moorpark College] twice already so we know a lot of information about them,” said head coach Nabil Mardini. “It’s just a lot of executing to be honest, so there’s no secret.”

Mardini said that feeling the pressure is part of sports, but because the team enjoys being put in pressured situations, it causes them to play and perform well.

Freshman outside hitter Autumn Russell sent the Raiders diving to the floor but making no comeback with her sharp kills. Russell and freshman middle blocker Chelsea Lawrence made it a point to block the ball with every spike the Raiders attempted to execute.

“I think overall we played really well,” said Russell. “Our energy was high and we wanted it so bad so we brought it.”

Martinez said instead of feeling nervous while trying to earn the final point, it motivated her to keep playing until the end.

“I wanted to get the winning point and just end it right then and there,” Martinez said.

The Brahmas ended the game with an overall score of 25-20. Mardini was pleased by the end result and acknowledges the team’s dedication.

“They have been playing very very well,” said Mardini. “We had a couple good weeks of training, so I’m happy with the outcome.”

The Brahmas take on the first round of Regionals on Tuesday, Nov. 25.