Black Friday a safer bet than Cyber Monday

Every year, people across the country anticipate the day after Thanksgiving as they arrive bright and early at shopping centers to take advantage of the years best prices

Although Black Friday is an unofficial holiday, it is noted as the first day of traditional holiday shopping.  A day when consumers take advantage to purchase products at an incredibly reduced price and retailers relish the profit.

The idea of Cyber Monday is similar to Black Friday, offering products at the best prices of the year. Cyber Monday was created as another option to Black Friday but doesn’t compare to the great in store deals offered.

As not everyone is tech savvy, Black Friday provides individuals with the opportunity to see what they are buying. You can measure it, try it on, feel the material, select the color and decide if  the product is suitable for purchase.

In store shopping speeds up the shopping experience, taking products straight from store shelves and into your hands.

When purchasing products from the internet, it is not a certainty that one will be satisfied. If unsatisfied, it will take a longer amount of time to ship and receive the item.

Another perk to Black Friday is the discounts they offer, at times, stores will discount an additional percentage at the register that will reduce the price and save you a significant percentage that of which you will not find online on Cyber Monday.

Because an item is on sale for Black Friday it does not guarantee  the same sale price for Cyber Monday, meaning in-store prices may be your only chance that same item for that price.

When online shopping you risk having a particular item be out of stock. Once the item is in your cart it doesn’t mean it is necessarily yours. While you still may be shopping others can finish their shopping quicker and take that last item on stock as opposed to in-store shopping.

Whether one is dreadfully driving from store to store during the middle of the night or making shopping a bonding experience between friends and family, the mission remains the same. Scoring the seasons best deals is still the top priority.