News briefs – week of Dec. 3

Sheriffs remove transients

Three male transients were removed from campus by the Pierce College Sheriffs last month when they were found using the north-end of the construction area by the old Campus Center as shelter, according to Sheriff’s Deputy Al Guerrero.

The Sheriffs found the men during one of their routine patrols, Guerrero said.

No transients have been found on campus since then, according to Guerrero.

How to not get your stuff stolen

Petty theft of items like cell phones, laptops and purses are common crimes on campus that we report about almost every issue.

But it’s easy to prevent your stuff from showing up in the next Incident Report.

“Take everything with you that is valuable to you, no matter how short a time you’re going to be away from it,” Sheriff’s Deputy Al Guerrero said. “Don’t assume anything’s safe where you leave it.”