Food Review: Firehouse

Driving by Victory you may not notice this place but Firehouse Restaurant is great place to go if you’re looking for a good Gyro or some good Greek food that will satisfy your hunger.

The Greek cuisine is located on Victory and Reseda across from Reseda Park. Walking into the place, the restaurant has done a great job utilizing  the small area, making it feel spacious. The musical selection  is very relaxing as you enjoy your meal and look out through the big windows that give you a great view of the park.

The menu is split up into categories, Mediterranean Village Flavors, Traditional Gyros, Antonis Specialty Plates, Delicious Mediterranean Salads, Side Dishes and Mediterranean Island Sandwiches.

The Firehouse is known for their Gyros and their best one is the Gyro with beef and lamb. The Gyro has beef and lamb with onion, tomatoes and tzatziki sauce (a Greek dip) wrapped up in pita bread. This delicious sandwich will make your drool with just the smell of it and once you take that first bite it feels amazing. Getting a combo meal gives you the option of either rice or some freshly made fries.

For those that would like something a little bit healthier, the Greek salad is for you. The Greek salad contains lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, feta cheese, olives and parsley that come with secret island dressing and pita bread.

Getting a Greek salad can also taste better when ordering the Gyros salad that contains Gyro on top of the Greek salad.

When you are all done you can top it all off with a nice cold drink with your choice of water, soda, lemonade or ice tea.

Finding a place that has good Gyro like Firehouse, in the valley is difficult as the majority of the spots are in downtown and is quite a drive for students that go to Pierce. The Firehouse is not to far off from campus and they serve good food for a reasonable price. Sandwiches are under $10 and a full meal can cost as cheap as $12.