Career & Transfer Counseling

The Pierce College Counseling Center is an extremely helpful resource that should be utilized by every student.

Despite the center’s usefulness, it is solely the student’s responsibility to set up meetings with a counselor.  According to the California Department of Education, the student to counselor ratio in our state is 945 to 1, which ranks us last in the nation.

All the more reason to jump on an appointment as soon as possible.

Although counseling departments across the state are understaffed, counselors are still more than willing to help.  No matter the question, these advisors have answers to any topics related to student-ed plans (SEP), degree and certificate programs, transfer requirements, career help and athletic eligibility.

Sure, general questions that concern these topics may be researched online, but students can find much more extensive help with Pierce College counselors.

My personal experience with our school’s counseling center was exceptional. Throughout my college career, I have been enrolled as a full-time student at three different institutions.

To make matters more complex, I decided to switch majors right before applying to Pierce.  I was absolutely clueless on which classes to take as well as which courses qualified towards my new major from my previous schools.

I then arranged a meeting through the convenient link on the college’s website, which allows students to set up a counseling appointment. The counselor gave me options for certain classes as opposed to advising on only one route to take.

My experience in the Counseling Center was more than helpful, as I am now enrolled full-time, on track to graduate with an associate’s degree and thoroughly prepared to transfer after this semester.

It is understood that not every student has a similar story to myself, but the counseling office can help any student.

Still don’t know your major or career choice? No problem. Within the center is a career counseling department that helps students understand their values, goals and interests so they can choose a meaningful career path.

If you are a student-athlete, the counseling office should be your second home.  As a former collegiate baseball player, I have seen too many teammates become ineligible for a season due to their lack of knowledge when it comes to educational requirements.

Athletes with hopes to compete at another college should seek guidance from our counselors to make sure they are holding themselves accountable for possible transfer opportunities.

Even military veterans have the chance to speak with specialized counselors who can help you receive your benefits as soon as possible.

No matter your story, whether full-time, part-time, transfer student, athlete or military vet, our counseling office can effectively tackle any question regarding education and career goals.

The Pierce counselors do everything in their power to quickly and accurately provide you with information, but keep in mind it is still a process. You will likely need to make multiple visits, but will be rewarded by the time your assessment is finished.

According to the Pierce College website, our campus is ranked as the top transfer school in the Los Angeles Community College District.  Our wonderful counselors intend to keep it that way. Take advantage of this on-campus resource and find out if you’re on track to get where you want to be after Pierce.