Con: Mandatory Voting

Mandatory voting should not be an option for this country especially when voters are not well informed on what they are voting for.

President Barack Obama mentions an idea that would force all adults to vote here in the U.S.

There are a few countries that have a mandatory voting law but in this country there are so many different races and the cultures are different from those countries that have a mandatory voting policy. A lot of the people want to see a person from their race be the next President and at that point are voting for the person just because of their race.

When President Obama became president he won the election because of his race and popularity. There were a lot of voters that wanted to see the first African American President and were going to vote for him no matter what he said he was going to do or not do for this country. Young voters was another way Obama won and a lot of those young voters had no idea what they were voting for and just voted on the guy that they knew because they saw him on social media or on the television.

The young voters went out and voted without being informed of who was running against Obama and having no knowledge on any current or future legislation. In todays society it seems that voting has become a popularity contest. The younger generation is also voting just so that they can get their “I Voted” sticker, and share it with social media that they voted.

“We shouldn’t be making it harder for vote, we should be making it easier,” said Obama

Making it harder to vote is a better idea that would make sense for this country. Making it mandatory to vote for all adults means everyone is going to vote in this country even those people that do not want to vote. Someone who does not want to vote shouldn’t be forced to, that would only make things more difficult as you would have people voting for whatever or whoever they see first on that ballot just to get it over with.

Having some sort of test to be allowed to vote is what Obama should be suggesting. If we give people that want to vote a test and they pass that test it shows that they not only have some knowledge about what the props are but also who is running on both sides and what they bring to the table.

Forcing voters to take a test to be allowed to vote would eliminate the people that vote just because they can and the people that just want to be part of a trend.

There are people that do research and learn about what they are voting on and those should be the people voting.

People say they want their voice to be heard then they should be willing to take an exam to be allowed to vote if it is that serious to them.

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