Pro: Teachers using Social Media outlets for class

Social media has become an important part of life for many people and it’s rare to meet a person that doesn’t have a social media account.

Teachers should require students to use social media outlets for class because it would prepare students for the world they are living in today.

Students check social media outlets daily by logging in on their phones and computer devices, so encouragement from teachers to incorporate social media into their schooling shouldn’t be difficult.

If a social media group is created exclusively for students in a particular class, then it will protect the students’ privacy and give them access to assignments, as well as the opportunity to communicate with one another.

Students who created the account only because the teacher required it can delete it once the course ends.

Teachers can be more accessible to students if everyone is connected through social media outlets. Plus, students can ask questions on social media groups and get quick answers from their teachers or classmates.

Students that aren’t savvy with social media can also benefit from the experience.

From a professional standpoint, there are employers that require applicants to submit information online for a job. The requirements may include creating an account for a specific company’s employment website. If students have the opportunity to learn how to create proper accounts, it can give them an edge professionally.

Social media outlets such as LinkedIn are popular among professionals that look for connections and jobs, and it proves that social media has more to offer from a career aspect.

Access to wireless Internet is now free for everyone in public places, so students will have the chance to use the Internet whenever it is needed. The excuse of wireless Internet not being available is nearly impossible to use. Computers are available to students in the library and throughout the Pierce campus if they do not have personal devices to use.

In addition, universities and community colleges have social media outlet accounts created for their schools, which allows people to follow them for updates, so it shouldn’t be an issue for teachers to make it a requirement for students to create one.

The ability to communicate professionally online will give students the proper tools for any work-related subjects and teachers can help by giving students a head start.