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College Night at the Getty

College students from all across California rushed inside the Getty Center to get a chance to see the photography of local Pierce students for the Getty Master program Monday, April 27th. College Night consisted of various forms of art with two special exhibitions.

“J.M.W. Turner: Painting Set Free” was the exhibition that featured paintings from Turner in his final years. “Zeitgeist: Art in the Germanic World 1800-1900” was the second exhibition featured that night and displayed paintings, drawings and prints from various artists.

There were numerous pieces of art created by students from different colleges around LA, Pierce included. The exhibition featured drawings, paintings and photography.

Students enjoyed viewing the art of their peers alongside works from famous artists.

Sociology major from East Los Angeles College, Jose Rodriguez attended the event with friends as they saw a post on facebook about it.

“I think it was pretty cool to see that students, not just from my school but other schools, could have their art up for everyone to see in the public,” said Rodriguez.

There were additional activities that took place during College Night. A drawing demonstration was held and anyone that wanted to participate was instructed to draw the subject that was in the middle.

“I’m not really good at drawing, but it looked like fun so I gave it a try and enjoyed it even though it was not easy,” said nursing major Emily Wang, who studies at Los Angeles Valley College and was there supporting her friend that went as a class assignment.

Other activities included taking photos of the display stations or views from the Getty, or one could even snap a self-portrait at a designated selfie station. There was also live music provided by the UCLA-based band, the Eva B. Ross Foundation.

Dance major Nancy Estrada from UCLA wanted to see the different forms of art and enjoyed the music the most.

“This band had a lot of good energy. I go to UCLA and I’ve never heard of them, so I’m glad I heard about this event and was able to attend it,” said Estrada.

Even for people that are not students and attended the event enjoyed it and look forward to more events. Lauren Sanchez is not a student but decided to go to the event because she liked her past experiences at the Getty.

“I have been to the Getty a couple of times and really liked it but I did not know about this College Night that they held. I came with my friend that invited me and had a lot of fun and will be on the look out for future events here,” said Sanchez.

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