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Pro: Math as a GE

We use mathematics in our everyday lives more than we think we do. That is why math should be a mandatory part of students’ general education (GE) courses.

Mathematics helps students understand the constant changes that happen in our society.  According to the University of California, Los Angeles, GE courses are more than just a checklist of required courses.

GE courses reveal the ways that research scholars in the arts, humanities, social and natural sciences create and evaluate new knowledge. The courses also develop the intellectual skills that give students the dexterity they need to function in a rapidly changing world.

A basic knowledge of mathematics is a key proponent to a diverse education and ultimately makes students more employable.

Students need basic math skills to handle money, prepare food and make simple calculations in their everyday lives. Baking and cooking requires basic math skills as every ingredient has to be measured. Multiplication and division may be required to get the exact amount you need. If math wasn’t required as a GE course, some students may not be able to complete these simple tasks.

Although in today’s generation we no longer need to balance our checkbooks, it is still important to have the basic math skills to handle our finances. If a student is on a budget, he or she may not know how budget effectively if they did not take basic math courses.

Without students having math as a required GE course, they would not be able to perform basic tasks everyday. Although many students don’t like math, it is important for students to have basic math skills to be successful in life.


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