BRIEF: No sexual assault on campus (update)

UPDATE: Sheriff’s Deputy Al Guerrero announced at a PCC meeting on Thursday, Sept. 24 that the report of a sexual assault on the Pierce College campus was incorrect.

The Pierce College Sheriff’s station received a report of a sexual assault near Trapper’s Lodge and Parking Lot 8 on Sept. 9, but the department has declined to comment on the details of the incident.

According to Angie Moore, the senior office assistant at the station, there is an ongoing investigation being headed by an unnamed detective.

The assault took place near Trapper’s Lodge, located next to the farm and Parking Lot 8. There are no blue security poles in the area, and lighting is minimal with the exception of the nearby chicken coops.

No notification was sent to faculty, staff or students, and no flyers have been posted on campus about the assault.

The assault earlier this month was reported to the campus authorities, not the LAPD. According to the Clery Act, any college that receives federal funds is required to keep logs of campus incidents and notify students and staff of emergencies and threats.

In February 2014, the station drew criticism when it did not issue a timely warning about a sexual assault that occurred near the Performing Arts building. In that case, the crime had initially been reported to the Los Angeles Police Department, who did not notify the Pierce Sheriff’s station for two weeks.

Deputy Al Guerrero has not responded to multiple requests for comment about the incident.