Pro: Hoverboards on campus

Hoverboards are a quicker way to get around campus. It saves students who have classes on different ends of the campus from being late. Out of all the scooters, skateboards and bikes being used, the hoverboards are the least dangerous mode transportation.

It is least dangerous for the rider and the bystanders as well. With that being said, there will be less accidents and less liability here at Pierce. The hoverboard is not more than a foot long. They are no wider than the person’s leg width apart.

You can simply place them under your desk or by the door. There’s no hassle or damage done by this equipment. Why not let students use them to help make their campus experience smooth, safe and fun.

I would like to also bring up the point of emergencies on campus. If there was an emergency and EMT’s needed to go through the campus, pretty much all other gear except the hoverboard, could almost certainly get in the way. The hoverboard would not slow or stop any help on the way. I think not only should they be let on campus, but it’s also a smart choice.

This means less crowding in the walkways. If Pierce is going to consent to bikes, electric scooters and things of that nature on site, I think there should be hoverboards allowed. It doesn’t really need a second thought to it. It is risk-free, yet beneficial for our students to get from point A to point B. That’s what college is all about nonetheless. Getting from point A to point B right? So why not have the same mentality when it comes to getting to our classes? Let the student chose how he or she gets from here to there.

The hoverboard is an aiding accessory to students. It is also eco-friendly for the most part. It is a smaller piece of equipment with a small rechargeable battery. The board doesn’t involve any hands for maneuvering itself. This makes it easier on students when they are trying to hold all their books and bags in their hand while getting to class faster. It’s a hands free means of transportation.

I think the hoverboard should freely be allowed at Pierce. Partly because there is no written law against riding them around campus. Using them is not a violation of any regulation, code, or conduct. The lack of there being a law about it, also suggests there has been no issue or reason to ban them. The majority isn’t complaining about the use of them, so why not let it be used?