Administration purchases new Kawasaki side-by-side

Administration purchases new Kawasaki side-by-side

A Kawasaki side-by-side was purchased by Pierce College administrators using the college’s Enterprise Fund this fall.

“The device is being used for parking,” associate Vice President Larry Kraus said. “It is used for putting up parking signs, electric signs and anything that has to do with mobility on campus.”

The vehicle is new, but according to Kraus it was purchased “many months” ago. The Kawasaki was seen last week towing large parking signs.

On the Kawasaki website, the 2015 Kawasaki MULE PRO-FXT model is priced at $15,899. It was purchased using the Enterprise Fund at Pierce College, an account meant for purchasing items expected to turn a profit.

“It deals with the college at large,” Kraus said. “With anything that requires mobility and assistance. It is in support of our missions on campus to support the needs of the college.”

There were three expired temporary parking permits in the vehicle. The space on the permits for “reason” had choices for assessment, job placement and other. The “other” box was checked and listed “foundation,” and the permit was signed by Brian Silk.

Denise Robb is the chair of the foundation and says there would have been no one in the office to approve a parking permit on the date it was issued.

“No one was at the foundation but a temporary bookkeeper,” Robb said. “We would not have signed for a parking permit.”

Floriya Borzenkova is the only full-time employee at the Foundation for Pierce College and was out of the country the week it was issued.

“I did not approve a parking permit for the foundation but I will find out what happened,” Borzenkova said.

Silk declined to comment on the permits, the vehicle and the fund used to purchase it.

“I wish that was our car,” Athletic Director Bob Lofrano said. “Sometimes our batteries die in our cars for the athletic trainers and it takes a while to get them fixed. So sometimes we buy a new battery ourselves to get it done. Ours are over nine years old.”