Water Polo come close to the team’s first win

The Pierce College women’s water polo team lost 12-11 to Allan Hancock College in a home game on Wednesday, October 28.


“I think this is the most competitive game we’ll have,” said Van Norman, head coach of women’s water-polo.


The Brahmas started the game off by leading the Bulldogs 2-0, with the help of freshman all-round, Tamar Kazanjian.


“As coaches, we believe that success is not based on numbers, we’re actually really happy with the way teams have been playing, our philosophy is not win[or] lose, it’s all about improving.” Van Norman said. “They are improving so we’re really excited about this game.”


Kailey Bennett, freshman attacker, assisted the Brahmas by making the third goal.

“Our job is to get them here and outta here in two years, and swimming in water polo are the highest in all the sports in the school,” said assistant coach Judi Terhar.


Sophomore defender, Emily Gilbert, rejected shots from the Bulldogs, giving the Brahmas a momentum to catch up.


At one point of the game, the Brahmas were leading the Bulldogs 11-9. They tried to put more points on the board but didn’t manage to score another one.


The Bulldogs were building its own momentum to increase it score.


With Kazanjian’s performance, she scored six of the 11 goals.


“I think it was one of the best games of the season, even though we didn’t have the outcome we wanted, I think it was one of the best games and our team played together very well, I think this game was the best game to have before conference,” Kazanjian said. “Conference is bigger, and that’s what really matters.”


“I thought we did really well, there was defiantly some things that we need to work on, but other than that, that was one of the best games, we should’ve won, but it’s a game,” said attacker, Isabella McNeely.


“I think that the team will pull through, I have a lot of faith in this team, they did really well,” McNeely said.


As the Brahmas concludes its season with another loss, they will be competing in the Western State Conference Tournament at LA Valley from Nov. 5-7.