Con: Why should we keep the cafeteria?

As a student here at Pierce College, I have questioned why the cafeteria is closed, but it didn’t matter much since I became accustomed to the other food options here on campus.

To start my morning off right, I always head over to The Freudian Sip and order a large cup of coffee. In between classes, I’ll stop by one of our 3 popular food trucks on campus and grab a quick bite. It has become a daily routine.

The cafeteria was set to open in March of 2014. However, it has yet to be opened due to the lack of sourcing cafeteria vendors.

Keeping the cafeteria is unnecessary when food is already available. The food trucks are favored by many. The Freudian Sip is quite popular. It is unacceptable that this space is not being utilized for something helpful to the Pierce College community.

Instead of letting the cafeteria collect dust, it should be put to use for something other than food. Especially considering that there are several food options on campus already.

Students often complain that the Wi-Fi on campus has bad reception unless they’re in or near the library. The cafeteria being on the first floor underneath the library, may have better Wi-Fi reception. Most of us depend on technology to study, or work on homework assignments. It can be used as a place for students to unwind and study between classes.

During midterms and finals, the library is swamped with students trying to study and it makes it hard for some of us to find a seat. Why not use the open space downstairs?

Not only would this space be convenient for studying and working on assignments, but a place for students to relax as well. Sitting outdoors is not always preferable with the warm weather we have here in Southern California.

The vacant cafeteria would be a great place to instal student amenities, such as sheltered seating, giving us a chance to escape the heat from the outdoors.

Students have gone plenty of time without a cafeteria on campus and the cafeteria does not seem to be opening up anytime soon. Students are well deserved of a lounge here on campus to layback and de-stress themselves. It is irresponsible to leave the space the way it is, when it can be utilized for so much more.