Pro: Student parking fees supports the campus

Parking has always been an issue at Pierce College, especially during the first two weeks of a semester. Not only do students argue about the limited space but also about the price they have to pay for the permits. Even considering the above, should parking be free? I would say not.

While many students oppose to the parking fees, I think that these costs help solve a multitude of problems around campus.

If parking was free of charge, this would cause a much bigger problem. The campus would attract non-students and those who have nothing to do with Pierce to park here. That is, it would bring a lot more people in because it is free and as a result we would have fewer parking spaces. Therefore, with permits the school makes the parking more exclusive to students, faculty and to others who have business here.

The money that is generated from the student paid parking permit fees, vastly improves the campus. Pierce College uses the parking permit fees for covering expenses such as security, signage, maintenance of parking lots, removing potholes, and resurfacing the roads and parking lots. The school also uses the money to cover costs for police services, cadets, and vehicles for transportation. All of these costs with respect to providing a safe environment for the students.

One can not imagine a campus without security and safety. We rely on the Sheriffs when we get into accidents or come across crimes such as petty thefts, which occur often on campus.

Pierce College provides the optional convenience of paying for a parking permit online and picking it up at the Business Office. A non-preferred permit costs $20 allowing the student to park in Lot 5, while the preferred parking permit costs $27, which includes the $7 ASO fee, allows the student to park in any of the nine lots.

If a student decides they do not want to purchase a parking permit, they can also choose the option to pay for a one-day or 30-minute parking permit. Temporary permits are available for purchase at pay validation machines. The one-day parking permits cost $3 and are available to use in Lots 1, 6, 7, and 8. The 30-minute parking permits cost $1 and are only available in Lot 1 for use in specified 30 minute spaces.