Con: Taking a year off to travel is counter-intuitive for students

There has been a long debate on whether students should be able to take a year long vacation from school for travel.

Most students will say that they need a year vacation from school so they can rejuvenate themselves, and then continue their education when they return from their break.

However, some students will disagree with that because some feel that if they take a significant time away from school it will be harder to continue their education. There are many reasons as to why some feel this way.

One reason could be, once someone takes such a long time off, they might not want to continue their studies. They will have gotten used to not studying. They will want to continue exploring other things without the actual education or training and then realize they will feel stuck in the same situation. They will find it harder to go back to school.

Students should also ask themselves an important question. How can they afford to take a year off for travel financially? Students who work and go to school have little money as it is. How will they be able to afford to travel if they won’t work while they are exploring other places?

The answer is very simple. They can’t, at least not on their own. The only way possible is if their parents fund them for all their travel expenses for a year. After that, when they come back home, what will be next for them?

They will return broke, looking for a job, and try to go back to school if they have the time to continue their education.

The problem with that is, they will be so preoccupied with getting money to pay their bills, they will have to get full-time jobs instead of part-time jobs just to support themselves and regain the money spent on travel. They won’t have time to continue their education.

It will not be wise for a student who barely makes ends meet to try and take a year off of school to travel.

It takes a surplus of time and money wherever it comes from, to do so. Students have to realize the consequences of their decisions, should they decide to take leisurely time off for rest.

Will it be wise to take a break to travel if they’re going to end up broke? If they live with their parents, how much will it cost to support the students, and what price do they have to pay at the end of their vacation?

People will make their decision on their own. If they do decide to take a vacation, they do have to ask themselves this ultimate question.

Is it really worth it?