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Pro: Lost items should be sold to benefit school


An attempt to stretch school funds is always needed. Unclaimed lost and found items are a great way to contribute.

I feel that lost and found items should be sold for school profit if they are not claimed after a certain amount of time. How much time is enough time? One month? Or maybe two? If an item was really a necessity, it should not take someone more than thirty days to claim it.

Some may disagree with selling items that belong to others, but it’s appropriate if the money is being used for a good cause. It outweighs the cons, and balances out the issue.

The money earned should be used towards services that will benefit students on campus, such as student success programs, clubs, organizations, and more. Fundraisers are constantly being held on campus to help raise money. Selling unclaimed lost and found items could definitely benefit a club that is trying to raise money to attend an event, or maybe even a sports team that is low on equipment.

The profits earned may help increase funds in the budget of the Associated Students Organization (ASO). This will assist many clubs and programs.

Whenever there is a budget cut it affects students and staff members. Sometimes classes aren’t available due to insufficient funds. This makes it hard for students to add certain classes they need, and this may also cause a teacher to lose their job.

Student services should always be accessible to enhance their education.

Raising money can help students get the classes they need and get through their education process efficiently.There are many advantages to selling these unclaimed lost and found items. We should always be looking for ways to improve our education and our campus lifestyle.

I’m sure the items can be donated to second hand stores such as the Goodwill, but why donate the items to a place off campus, when they can be used towards amenities on campus.

The money that can be raised selling lost and found items may be a little, or maybe even a lot. Regardless of the amount, it is still a way to earn profits towards the school.  Budget cuts hurt students and staff, so any chance to raise money should be taken. It is unacceptable to deny an opportunity that would most likely bring a positive outcome.